Bi-Sexuality (Truths of the Century)

‘You have a preference, don’t you’,
‘You are going through a phase, don’t worry’,
‘Your gay, you just don’t know it yet’,
‘Choose one, stop being greedy’,
‘You must have sex all the time’,,
‘So do you wanna’ have a three-some’,
‘Would you say you are more straight or gay’,
‘You know bi-sexuality isn’t real’,

Common misconceptions similar to the foundation of a home,
When you destroy one pillar the rest of the foundation crumbles,
Human beings were not born as boxed-in-absolute creatures,
Neither 100 percent straight nor 100 percent gay,
Sexuality sits upon a scale; feelings and emotions,
One day he or she may bump into a gorgeous man, the next a beautiful woman,
Attracted to both, intimate feelings, grinding underneath bed-sheets,

Able to describe her smile that of Ali’s when he knocked out Sunny Liston,
Able to describe her up-side-down spoon shape when she requests reverse cowgirl,
Able to describe her thighs as mother nature’s reminder to men that we are the weaker of sex (pregnancy???)

Doesn’t matter if people accept or deny [his or her] character,
We do not live for a stranger’s happiness but our own,
Happiness kissing another man despite the rise of Islamophobia,
Held in a gay black man’s arms (he or she doesn’t need permission),
Call him greedy if he leaves his boyfriend for a bi-woman,
Best feeling in the world when he is able to paint a trans Mona Lisa,
Beautiful curves as well as strong hands arouse him,

Able to paint his waist holding greater potential compared to Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie,
Able to paint his chest as the warmest blanket on a cold winter day in New York City (below zero),
Able to paint his genitalia as the key to unlocking world peace during the Queer Pride Parade,

While the sun sets more and more homeless youth commit suicide,
Never accepted by family, young women enjoy another woman’s paradise,
Told they must stop being gay, or leave and never return,
Sons caught jerking off [gay magazines] faced with the same ultimatum,
Bi-sexual men and women told they must pick one or the other,
Greedy, selfish; just a phase; smart move coming out as bi to your parents,
Unfaithfulness does not increase just because he or she is bi-sexual,


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