#AllLivesMatter (What You Are Actually Saying)

When I hear #AllLivesMatter, this is what it sounds like:

You walked into an Emergency room, kicked a stroke victim out of their gurney,
Took their place, and told the nearest doctor,
“I got a sore back, all sicknesses should be treated the same”,

You attended a baseball game, saw 3 children standing behind the outfield fence,
Gave them all boxes to stand on, even though one of them was an adult midget,
When she asked for another box, you replied ‘just because your short,
Doesn’t mean you get more, everybody should receive the same treatment,

‘In a University Diversity Class, you stated ‘I don’t see color’,
I asked, ‘how do you distinguish between [a] green, yellow, and red light’,
Your reply, ‘blue lives matter’, my response, ‘blue is a color, not a person’,
‘I thought you said, you don’t see color’,

On Columbus Day, you sing the National Anthem, place your hand on your chest,
Inform immigrants ‘everybody is an American, thus we remember 9/11’,
If that is the case, why don’t you have a moment of silence for the Muslims,
Who worked in the World Trade Towers and were killed,

Tonight on the News, a German Shepard was ran over by a drunk driver,
The drunk driver’s cat was shot to death by a police officer,
You claim ‘the officer killed a cat in cold blood, he deserves life without parole’,

Would you ask for the same sentence if the cat was a Black man,
Your answer, “the cat was defenseless, but if the cat was a Black man,
The officer’s life would be in danger,


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