Dancing For Currency Instead [of] Praying For Love

We could be reminded by God in the most blatant way possible; and still we would worship money [instead of love]…

Our eyes hypnotized by Fire,
Our minds seduced by Gucci,
Our hearts brainwashed by Monetary [Gain],

[As] the wealthy sit upon make-shift thrones,
Throwing bones, mere left-overs,
House-slaves start to love their masters,
While field-slaves plan a revolution,

Systematically erased from history,
Simple strategy; police raid followed by murder,

Demonizing roots and melanin skin,
Promoting bleach and pale skin,

Define freedom [as] admiring plastic sculptures,
Facial transformation, body reconstructive surgery,
Anorexic [angels], inflated egos, dream of Silicon,

[As] one walks through the Valley of Death,
One cannot pass judgement; only gentle reminders,

Love [was] replaced by Currency; human nature smiled,
Social media personalities, actors, musicians,
Donate millions after environmental disasters,
[For] approval ratings, television ratings,

[Even] the world started dancing [for] Money,
Breast implants, butt lifts, cheek bones,
Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Maxim,