Russian Roulette Produces Liberation [Part 2]

America enjoys two activities,

One: murdering Black people
Two: murdering Muslims

You can’t blame terror on minorities or Muslims,
When over 90 percent of terror attacks are carried out,
By White Conservative Christians,

Talking point of a liberal,
Obama and his Ramadan White House dinners,
He lied about Guantanamo Bay,
Muslims are being waterboarded right now,

We have become complacent,
We would rather picket, stage a protest, and write letters,

Islamic scholar excuses,
Violence is prohibited, civil disobedience is not allowed,
Nelson Mandela was a radical,

Mandela bombed radio towers,
Government buildings which carried out Apartheid orders,
As well as military bases,

Malcolm X on live TV, ‘guerrilla warfare is the only tactic,
Which will liberate Black America’,

Scholarly perra, a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped, and murdered,
By a White Conservative Christian, you want Muslims to turn the other cheek,
Instructing Muslim communities to sing kum-by-ya-my-lord,

Liberation is not signed into law by Executive order,
Nor can it be demanded by masses, it has to be taken,

Mothers suffered violently during pregnancy,
Physically grew from a baby into an adult violently,
You will die violently, yet are opposed to violence,

Muslims have one option, as do Black people in America,
Carry arms, it is your God-given right,
Legally or illegally is your business,

Destroy radio towers, take over police stations and courthouses,
Military compounds cannot be considered out-of-bounds,

Capitalism will continue to murder and commit genocide,
Can’t blame brainwashed idiots for having low IQ’s,
Take what is yours, which is liberation!


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