Russian Roulette Produces Bleach Queens [Part 1]

Golden Guadalupe, light-skinned Miss World winners,
Runner ups not White enough, ask if she bleached enough,
World full of racists, dark-skinned beauties doubt themselves,
Wearing Islamic attire, are you willing to become Christian,
Just a little bit European, Mother Theresa covered her head,

Models ignore heritage, prefer wealth over culture,
Claiming they know culture, yet refuse to donate what they earn,
Won’t visit Africa, unless it is Democratic and Capitalist,
Excuses contain good deeds, but an honest person,
Doesn’t need to reminisce over past actions to be called honorable,

Chemicals of mass production and destruction,
Started with a refugee,
Never witnessed a Civil War,
Only the inside of a refugee camp,
Raised in Minnesota, enjoyed a silver spoon,

Dresses as if she is religious,
Magician like, tight pants underneath a hip hugging dress,
Enough powder to match drug kingpins attending mass on Sunday,
Able to hear the sound of her heels from miles away,
Amount of fuckboys in her phone, Einstein couldn’t comprehend,

Walked over to my table, black dress covered in Jewels,
Homeless living in Central Park could eat for a week,
Head wrap fashionable instead of a religious symbol,
Eyes praising Kanye, Lips worshiping Kim,
Tongue unable to resist temptation,

Do you consider Amber Rose pretty?
Truth is, Light-skinned women are abominations,
Pretty thanks to chemicals,

Replied, I am [Nationality], [Ethnicity], and [Religion],
Signed a contract with cosmetic companies and Tyra Banks,
Why do you let magazines airbrush whiteness,
Signed on the dotted line, agreed to mental slavery,

[Nationality] Queen walked past our table,
Skin as dark as Pitch Black Mountain Dew,
Conversation ended, my advice,
‘Did you see that woman, she is an [Nationality] Queen’,

Terrorism, slavery, colonization,
South African Apartheid, Lincoln’s failed Emancipation,
Never ended, nor vanished,
Developed, adapted to its surroundings,


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