Killed In Police Custody

Future and Usher choreograph dance moves,
Lil Wayne and Drake count how many women they slept with,
Minorities are being killed in police custody,
No name dropped, or moment of silence,
Instead, money signs and bank accounts,

Kendrick and Rihanna promote prostitution,
Nicki and Meek Mill handout tuition support,
Not a single one of them,
Has stepped into Dr. King’s marching shoes,

Rather, they stand where comfort sleeps,
Dropping subliminal messages,
As if the Black Panthers were just a symbol,
Would you call holding a judge hostage,
At the end of a shotgun barrel only a symbol?

If it was Kim or Kanye in a holding cell,
Choked to death and videotaped screaming,
I can’t breathe,
Police Departments would pay millions,
Just to quiet the storm,

This isn’t the case,
Low income families are losing father figures,
Mothers are losing sons,
Fathers wake up having to bury daughters,

Greater amount of zeros in your bank account,
Change how justice is served,
If you carry debt and a low credit score,
Less likely you are going to survive a police encounter,

This isn’t a fantasy,
Nor a BDSM session, or a pull my hair request,
Pigs are choking black males,
Shooting women who seek assistance calling 9/11,

Reality is,
Singers, actors, and athletes,
Can’t get political,
Fear of ending up like Kaepernick,
Unemployed while agencies seek another,

2017 is far from the glory days,
Most people don’t remember,
Even though the Revolution was not Televised,
We had legends not afraid of taking bullets,


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