Title borrowed from Ankita Shah's 'Borders' Have you ever counted ceiling tiles, Praying by the 100th for heavy eyes, Though I promise, few notice 4 Borders, Easily constructed, confined, elaborate, Most willingly bow, few try to out-run, Millennials speak of refusing titles, Promoting labels, checking boxes, Doesn't take a genius to realize, Surrounded by fictional … Continue reading Borders


Isanaklesh (Invincible)

One day at a time, no matter rain or shine, Whether strangers gave 2 cents, or shared 2 cents, Counting blessings upon blessings, Finding a piece of children's chalk, Before the sun sets, R.I.P. Mother Earth, Condemned by briefcases, the red carpet, and food stamps, Children chasing shadows, an empty basketball court, Picks up recyclables, … Continue reading Isanaklesh (Invincible)

Lunch Conversation With Guerrilla Warfare

Mystical Momma, compromises on which fantasy to Cos-Play, 10 out of 10, mathematical genius, fist high, loves braids, Talks murder, body performs romance, everybody says, Guys and girls can't be friends, number 1 body, Loves corsets, Black, talks dirty in public, First date, how you ever tipped than tapped, Clocked back, clapped for 100's, donations … Continue reading Lunch Conversation With Guerrilla Warfare

Hypocritical ‘Liberals’ and Uneducated ‘Conservatives’: Where Did They Go Wrong

57 percent of the Democratic Party is White, 86 percent of the Republican Party is White, and 70 percent of registered voters are White. (PEW Research Center) Charlottesville (Virginia) and the violent protests which are occurring right now are great examples of what is wrong with our political system. Not only do ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ … Continue reading Hypocritical ‘Liberals’ and Uneducated ‘Conservatives’: Where Did They Go Wrong