Gene & Darcy (Thank You)

Parental figures addicts,
Child services noticed neglect,
Uncle Doug wasn’t man enough,
Gene and Darcy sent by God,

Wasn’t easy,
Took 2 years,
Until I felt comfortable,
First name basis,
Embraced Mom & Dad,
Didn’t let them hug me,
Until I was ready,

As a child,
I kept old memories,
Didn’t understand,
Was I supposed to replace old relics,
Genetics pulled me,
Nightmares scared me,

Looking back,
Gene and Darcy,
Were my Mom & Dad,
Not the coke addicts,

Gene & Darcy took a chance,
On a child whose closet was full of monsters,
Whose future was ambiguous,
They took a chance on love,

After three car accidents,
Reckless choices,
Alcohol, depression, and hospitalizations,
They never stopped caring,

At 26,
I sit pondering,
Asking myself,
Would I do it again,
My answer,
I would,


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