Times Don’t Change But Trust Does

Time and time again,
After sharing memories,
Finding texts from his side-piece,
Can’t escape white knuckles,
Fists and broken bottles,
Was told if you run,
Distance would not protect you,

Children scared,
Tired of living out of motel rooms,
Eating fast food,
Public school authorities visit,
Abusive drunk tells them,
Children kidnapped,
By mother,

Raising two teenagers,
One new-born baby,
Work triple shifts,
Midnight till five,
Collecting dollar bills,
During the afternoon,
Serve cocktail drinks,
In the evening,
Busing tables,

When you get home,
Prepare lunches,
Kiss every child,
Tuck them in,
Before crying,

Told him no,
High school prom date,
Went for it,
Called his friends,
Recorded everything,
Senior year of high school,
Debated whether,
Suicide was the answer,

Trust few,
Cautious of most,
Every touch revisits the past,
When future knocks,
Sounds distant,
Next habitable planet,
All you can do,
Fight and kick,

Nobody is safe,
Unless you are White,
Christian or middle class,
Jewish, maybe stingy,
Terrible if you are gay,
Black or Muslim,
Resemble a Mexican,
Good luck finding a job,
Enjoy getting paid,
Based on gender and race,

Socio-economics not enough,
Face to face with a Glock,
Silver badge steps out of a car,
Don’t need to call SWAT,
Black people carry weapons,
No proof or justification,
Child holding a BB Gun,
Bang, Bang, Bang,


Latex Sex

No matter how hard I try,
Can’t find a single quality,
Blemish of beauty,
Which would cause me to love less,
Question or doubt

Everything I see,
Starting with your father dying,
When you were younger,
Struggle intensifying,
Never quitting,
Definition of a SURVIVOR,

Hair on your head,
Aztecs angry,
Perfectly shaped eye-brows,
Blood red lips,
Neck choker crucifixion,
Reflection of us fucking,

Wearing leather,
Reflective latex,
High heel boots,
Smooth body,
Sweat dripping,
Eating pussy,
Water pressure,
Shower head,

Silk panties,

Windows open,
Sahara desert,
Tongue on my chest,
Scratching my rib-cage,
Biting my neck,
Drawing blood,
Pain tolerance,

Standing seductively,
Starting to grind,
Tongue game on point,

Final position,
Surgical tool,
Scissor legs,

Whisper in my ear,
Which do you want to keep,
Left or right,