Stretch Marks, Waist Lines, Babies, and Cake (Love Em’)

Stretch marks are eye-candy, if he doesn’t kiss them,
Leave him, find a man willing to appreciate them,
Scars defy Vanity, promise to worship them,

Skinny bitches wear bikinis, sticks and stones break bones,
Love a woman who eats cake, even when it isn’t my birthday,

Not afraid of calories, cheek bones play hide and cheek,
When you walk across Dubai sands, ass cheeks clap back,
Pregnancy scars, across thick thighs, along waist lines,
Don’t hide stretch marks, they are God’s signature tattoo,

Dark ages, slay medieval dragons, real life you kill models,
Air brush, fake tans, lights, camera, no action,
Real life, play games, whip cream, Judge Judy,

Memorized screenplays, read stage-plays, asked what’s my name,
Wrong answer, face-sitting, can’t breathe, ate booty like groceries,
Tidal waves, heat exhaustion, hurricane, kept riding,

Personality wider than a plasma 70 inch, tip of the iceberg,
Southern living, fried chicken, baking biscuits, serving lemonade,
Always asks to stay out after dark, driving with no headlights,

Trespassing on Klansman land, brought spray paint, creativity,
White men don’t own land, painted a Black Fist on the barn door,
Idols, Egypt, Queen Cleopatra ancestor, genetics, flawless,

Afro, Angela Davis poetry, proud to be Black, gold laced melanin,
Malcolm your father, X replaced your slave name,
Replaced make-up with a rifle, white sheets afraid to knock,

Anorexic angels, Victoria Secret, exploiting cultural traditions,
Corsets, tight dresses, can’t breathe, not Black, White skeletons,
Trace your spinal cord indent with my tongue from your neck to your back,

Kiss the back of your neck, ask for the check, drop my fork eating sweet cake,
Hear an earthquake, Thor’s hammer, wet floor, find your G-Spot,

Every day we celebrate, can’t find the right bra size,
Wear one of my dress shirts when we go out, steal one of my sweatpants,
Eat in the back seat, ask for dessert, roll the windows down,

Shooting star, make a wish, taco truck selling on the beach,
Double order in front of a dieting skinny tree,
Watch their mouth savor, pet a conditioned dog,


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