Veterans Raping Foreign Vietnamese, African, and Arab Women

July 4th, independence for Wealthy White men,
Celebrating slaves in chains and scalping indigenous,
Uncle Sam helped Dr. Jekyll butcher Indian children,
Replacing white murderers with statues holding nooses,

Thanksgiving meant to cover the massacre at Bay Colony,
Veterans praised for bravery on the Fourth of July,
Claim they are protecting us from foreign and domestic threats,
When did raping foreign women and anally penetrating men become heroic,

July 4th, a day meant to mourn not celebrate,
Cycles of genocide, nooses, and white sheets march,
Used to be they hid under blankets but now,
Rednecks, clansmen, and decorated purple heart murderers unmask themselves,

Whether it was Bush or Obama,
Neither were saviors of humanity,
Bush hunted down terrorism as if it only wore a turban,
Obama dropped bombs over Somalia, Libya, and Yemen killing thousands,


One thought on “Veterans Raping Foreign Vietnamese, African, and Arab Women

  1. Third Line says:

    Those evil and disgusting veterans are no different from terrorists.

    Those innocent Vietnamese, African, and Arab people can only turn to the Lord God, defend themselves, and fight for what is right.

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