Failure By Your Imam

Truth is, I am weak,
Every struggle causes me to bleed,
Without you,
Nothing would be possible,
My accomplishments,
Successes and failures,
Would be for nothing,

All my weaknesses,
Counting how many times,
I raised my voice,
Shouted and cursed,
Called you names out of anger,

Truth is, I don’t deserve you,
My emotions,
Behavior and attitude,
I am imperfect,
Number of faults,
Could fill multiple encyclopedias,
Yet, you still stand beside me,

I don’t treat you,
In the same manner,
Movies depict romance,
When we disagree,
My ego takes hold,
Tries to win,
Even though, we promised,
To listen, love, and forgive,

Truth is, you stay,
While other men,
Have more zeros in the bank,
Could take you out every night,
Buy diamonds every day,
What can I do?
Pay 10 dollars a month for Netflix,

Sure, we make funny faces together,
Chase one another,
Once in awhile compete in a foot race,
Hide in each other’s arms,
5 dollar Tuesdays and Thursdays,
Attending the cinema,
Without thinking about tomorrow,

Truth is, without you,
I’m a depressed man,
Would have kicked the bucket,
A long time ago,
You gave me a reason to work,
Not give up,

If I was blind,
Would have described you,
As an angel,
Whenever I need comfort,
You read my mind,
Embracing me without asking what happened,
Not letting go until I feel better,

Truth is, I am weak,
All the pain, nightmares, and tragedy,
You are the only light in my life,
When darkness presents itself,
No matter how many hoes,
Muslim side-chick hijabi hypocrites,
Walk my way,
I promise, to fulfill my vows,
As your husband, lover, and friend,

Cover from head to toe,
Not allowing others to imagine your curves,
Promising me I am the only one,
Scars and stretch marks,
Sharing memories of your mother,
After she became a widow,


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