Any Last Words Asked By A Female Surgeon

First thing I noticed,
Rose tattoo along your rib-cage,
Monarch Migration,
Roots of heritage,
Intertwined with Bob Marley,

Much too simplistic,
Would be the same thing as saying,
How your jeans from behind,
Made a V design due to your sculpture,

First time we met,
Could never forget,
Green cut-off top,
Under-boob showing.
Tiny bit of cleavage,

Summon God,
Mouth on the floor,
Watering like a thirsty dog,
Caramel wrapped skin,
Solar power for the next 10 years,

Waiting for a man like me to worship a woman like you…

First date,
Met at a cafe,
Remember how you sat,
Right foot under your chair,
Left leg extended,

Good percentage of your jeans,
Able to be squeezed,
Ripped knees,
Light bounced off,
Oiled legs,

Eyes penetrated my soul,
Scanning for treasure,
Lips quivering from an unfulfilled habit,
Invited me over after the first date,

Parked in front of an abandoned building,
Nobody around,
Motioned me to follow,
Wore a sinister smile,

Waiting for a man like me to worship a woman like you…

No door to knock on but inside was warm,
Back-up generator heard,
Lights flickered,
Paintings and murals hung along corridors,

Found my way,
Red light district,
Found your habit,
Pictures snapped,

Children and grown men,
Mothers losing babies,
Predators tackling prey,
Doctors performing surgery,

Nails caressed the back of my neck,
Follow me,
Regrettable words,

Waiting for a man like me to worship a woman like you…

Led me to the bedroom,
Removed all articles,
No windows,
Moon shining,
Silk mosquito sheets,

Changed clothes,
Wore a brown dress,
Slit for your right leg,
Hand covered where a man’s mouth sits,
Grabbed my wrists,

Only you and I,
Under the stars,
Handcuffed to the bed,
Nowhere to go,

Slowly riding,
Brown dress fell fighting gravity,
Pierced nipples,
Took my picture wearing a surgeon mask,
Asked ‘any last words’,

Waiting for a man like me to worship a woman like you…


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