Love Letter To Cannabis

Simple trees and remedies, simple trees and meditation,
Searched for God, instead learned how to levitate,

6 months to live,
Stood at the Golden Gate Bridge,

One hit, all the pain goes away,
Diagnosed and confirmed, severe case of Bronchial Cancer,

Ponder decriminalization, let me ease the pain,
Light a spliff, and escape reality,

Patients relapse, terminal ill children collapse,
Patients needs medication, sneak cannabis past security,

Quit tobacco and study philosophy,
High in the clouds without syringes in veins,

Impossible to overdose, sons and daughters light up,
Ask for a hit and pass the baton, discuss birds and the bees,

Direct me towards a female Marley,
Opposite of a Christian missionary, in religion but not position,

Romance with the Stars,
Conversation with an Angel,

Rolled one, saved two, and passed the third,
Hit the first, saved the second, smoked the third,


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