You Are A Soeharto

Greatest fear, when my sons and daughters are born,
With brown pigmentation from their mother,
Not white, not black, not brown enough,
Required to walk a fine line between,
Talking white and speaking Bahasa,

Questioning why the world does not accept them,
East Asian American Muslim practitioners,
Who have accents and eat with their hands,
Look White and American, but intellectually,
Spiritually, and genetically Indonesian,

Sons caught in a dilemma,
Raise their hands or I can’t breathe,
Get out of the car, or shot in the passenger seat,
Daughters instructed to be silent and obedient,
Remember your mother was ferociously outspoken,

Last name of my children, Soeharto,
Due to the fact mine was lost at sea,
Refuse to dig up past graves,
Be proud, do not hide,
Grandfather’s last name,


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