One Love By Bob Marley, Not Ariana Grande

Present day singers cripple revolutionary songs,
Ariana ‘I don’t care about poverty, just headlines’,
Justin ‘I am a white gangster wannabe’,
Tried to steal and pillage One Love,
By Bob Marley and the Wailers,

Question Ariana Grande and Justin,
Can you define the meaning of ‘revolution’,
Without using the Oxford dictionary,
Explain the reason Bob Marley was Bob Marley?

Realities of abject poverty,
Low pay, malnutrition, and disease,
Lack of political rights by the poor,
Houses made out of cardboard boxes,
All issues you don’t worry about,
While drinking champagne,
Living in a mansion,

One love was not used for good headlines,
It was a battle cry for impoverished blacks,
With a lack of access to education,
Possibility of economic improvement,
Discontent and disillusion among the poor,
Cry for spiritual redemption,

One Love symbolized resistance to oppression,
An idea you can’t define nor have a clue about,
Demanded justice from power elites like yourself,
While you prance on stage envisioning dollars,
Bob Marley lived with and alongside his people,
Played soccer everyday in his own front yard,


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