Court Appearance For Love

Every couple goes through this stage,
When one jumps to conclusions,
Usually it begins as a normal conversation,
After a couple of minutes, the truth comes out,
‘I know you find her or him pretty, I know you’,
If you want to dance,
Lets dance,

You always bring up my ex-wife,
Her ethnicity as your evidence,
Your correct, she was Somali,
You take that fact and run with it,
Accusing me of fucking every Somali girl,
You see at school, or at work,
Every day accusing me of cheating,

Lets clear this up,
After what she did,
Cheating and running away with another White man,
My feelings and intention towards Somali women,
Lets describe it,

If I see one in close proximity,
They get my middle finger followed by a fuck you,
Got nothing but compulsive hatred,
Nor do I find any of them attractive,

Your first evidence thrown out,
What is your second evidence?
Besides for a failed first marriage,
You hand to the judge,
Pictures of me talking to other women,

As if that proves anything,
You state I am cheating,
Going behind your back,
Girlfriends all over town,

Okay, so the second evidence,
Not only have I participated in AA (Alcohol Anonymous) meetings,
As well as gone to rehab, but due to sexual abuse,
Suffered as a child, and a sexual assault which occurred at school,
I have joined a sexual assault support group,
Majority of participants are women,
Sense the majority of victims are women,
My sponsor is a woman,

I find men repulsive,
So I interact better with women,
Does it mean I am cheater,
No, it just means,
I don’t want to be raped by a man,

Your third evidence,
What is it?
Messages sent to past flings,
Supposed to prove that I’m unfaithful,
Well, if you want to know,

My sponsor told me,
In order to move on,
I have to forgive others,
So if I send,
‘Salaams, I hope you’re doing well’,
It doesn’t mean ‘lets fuck’,
Rather, I’m following my sponsors advice,

The judge looks over the evidence,
Hands it to the jury,
He asks the defendant any last words,
Man in sandals, a Hawaiian shirt,
Beach shorts and a blunt says,
‘I do’,

The prosecutor refused to define beauty,
Wasn’t able to compromise and relied on humor as evidence,
Well, I am here to lay out exact parameters,
What do I find pretty,
Well, it is simple,

One) I hate bones,
If a woman doesn’t have love handles,
I’m not interested,
She’s gotta’ have a few pounds on her,
Enough booty to be squeezed,

Two) Besides for having a thick waist,
She can’t have bleached skin,
Nor can she have White skin,
I’m into darker the berry,
Sweeter the juice,

Three) The prosecutor has both one and two,
She has one tooth which sticks out,
It has been a turn on for me since the beginning,
Besides for the physical aspect,
She’s a great at chilling and watching Netflix,
When she spoons I bite her ass,
Love it when she laughs as I bite her neck,

Four) She’s East Asian,
Why would I need a side-chick,
It would be a waste of time,
My East Asian prosecutor has the sexiest accent,
When she mispronounces words,
I purposely test her English proficiency,

Five) Lastly, the prosecutor is a pain in my ass,
Love is worth the pain,
She is the reason why I get up in the morning,
During the middle of the night,
Her arms wrap around me,
That is all I have to say,

As the jury sits,
The prosecutor plays with her pen,
No final speeches,
Just a quiet courtroom,

The defendant looks over at the prosecutor,
‘Can we go to Hawaii now’,


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