Melanin [Sisters]

Maybe a heretic,
Definitely not a cleric,
Jesus needs a medic,
Unusually poetic,
Coincidentally prophetic,

Fell in love with chocolate,
Brown sugar his favorite,
Type 2 diabetes couldn’t stop him,
Danced with Caribbean girls till sun-up,
Practiced speaking Spanish with Selena till sun-down,
Admiration and dedication intended for melanin sisters,

Last night, he met a dime nor needed a charm,
Love struck, couldn’t mutter a single prayer,
Hair traveled along coastal divides dropping sugar,
Busy clenching his thirst before her feet,
Traced crucified hands up her tattooed legs to her thighs,

Kissed her brown legs and overdosed,
Felt his heart tremble after every clap,
Stripped off black lingerie,
Smelled a sweet fragrance,
Flowers tattooed on her chest,

Pierced belly button,
Covered in pink Calvin Klein undergarments,
Needed her love, her touch,
Missed the smell, touch, and taste of pleasure,

They were sitting in the garden,
Taking turns from a water pitcher,
Red lip stick covered the brim,

Every time she drank,
Counted how many times,
She licked her lips,

Placed her hands in his hair,
Guided him downtown,
Every time he stopped,
Legs tightened around his neck,

Found what he was missing,
Started worshipping melanin,


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