When You Are Told Get Over It

Depression walks along corridors,
Suppressed due to the impression that mental illness,
Is all in the mind,
Mental illness is the assassination of character,

It is chaos,
Grabbing hold of your skeleton,
Wrecking havoc in your interior,
Spray painting whore on your rib-cage,
Eye-witnesses ignore,
Almost impossible to scrub whore,
Off your locker,

Don’t you see,
Depression is like swimming in a sea,
Without knowing how to swim,
Drowning while everyone around you,
Describes the scenery of a calm sea,

I’ve worn plenty of shoes,
Walked many miles,
Hate and curse,
When someone states the metaphor
Of walking in someone else’s shoes,

Chemical imbalances do no go away,
Nor can rape be considered a chemical romance,
Without drugs the rapist is still a rapist,
Nor does depression become empty,
If depression was sober,


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