Sarvani: An Unusually and Startlingly Beautiful Woman

Lets start with God planting roots,
Dark brown flow of angelic locks,
When you walk the wind says hello,
Years of ancestry glide elegantly,
Riding a make-shift surfboard,

After God finished with your hair,
He focused on your immortalizing eyes,
Wanted them to be sensual and assertive,
Smoothing over every imperfection,

His attention was on your lips,
Goals of music notes and poetry,
You could be asleep or mumbling,
Didn’t matter because the angels,
Wrote down all your hymns,

Finished with your shoulders,
Possible for the world to sit upon them,
Questioned how much Gold to hide in your skin,
Not top-heavy nor non-existent,
Circling each center piece are erotic patches,

As your shape follows a country back road,
One hand on each side of your stomach,
Soft kisses around your belly button,
Whether you wear jeans or shorts,
God used exact measurements,


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