10 Things You Should Know About Me

One) I am simple man. If I am angry,
Buy me a bucket of the greasiest fried chicken,
From the local fried chicken joint,
You will be forgiven,

Two) I admire a woman whose thighs,
Are that of a mountain top not afraid,
Of being too big or in the way,
She’s got such thighs,

Three) I love myself a mystery,
In which the lead character is a femme fatale,
With a black silver hair-line balancing the moon,
Matching lipstick driving Black Widows crazy,

Four) I watch movies seeking God,
Movie theater screen acts as a confessional,
On the other end isn’t a priest,
Instead, Her seductive fall from grace,

Five) I dream of living on a beach,
In the same way Bikinis love warm sunny days,
Refusing to cover with bright orange fabric,
Scanning the land with a metal detector,
Treasure must not be far,

Six) I walk this earth as a traveler,
Searching for a tree presenting shade,
In return,
Thanking hospitality with gold,

Seven) Instead of I,
I think in terms of ‘we’,
As hotels hate to receive this call,
Hearing a plea of,
I’m handcuffed to the bed,

Eight) Instead of I,
Money is not green,
Nor a currency,
It is a means to end,
As Gully Queens try to live,

Nine) Instead of I,
Lets talk in 3rd person,
Smoke and pass joints,
Causing the tree’s leaves to fall,

Ten) In terms of fried chicken,
I would share,
If you dance upon the moon,


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