It sounds crazy, but,
You are similar in nature,
Only difference,
You are constantly glowing,
Always shining,
Never dying,

Favorite masterpiece,
Green-blue shade,
Cyan head covering,
Perfectly shaped lips,
Naturally gifted,
Kardashians jealous,

On the very end,
Corner of your smile,
Mystery black,
Doesn’t matter how many stains,
From your lips,
On my shirt,

Wouldn’t care whether co-workers notice,
Every time your lips touch my skin,
Is a taste of paradise,
Your eyes are another story,
Milky way in your retina,
Lost in translation,

Spend all of my money on you,
Carry you across water,
Hold you in my arms,
Gazing into your mind,
Found through your eyes,

Perfect structure,
Handcrafted to withstand assault,
Let me be your eyes and ears,
Protect you from enemies,
My hands are yours to command,

Ask for a massage,
I’ll go as slow as you request,
Start wherever you dream,
If you want a bubble bath,
Let me prepare it for you,

Want to be in charge,
Wear your heels,
Ease your pain,
Take them off for you,

Reach ecstasy,
Without it being promiscuous,
No one has to know,
We can meet,
When everybody is asleep,


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