Thug Life: What Are You Doing?

Origin story,
Neighborhood collectives,
Protection from Nazis, Racist Pigs, and Uncle Sam,
Collective narrative of gangs,
Rewritten by mainstream news networks,
Chicago portrayed as Iraq,

This isn’t a false portrayal,
When Fox News produces statistics,
Quoting 2,000 gang-related homicides each year,
Instead of killing one another,
For the sake of retribution,
Stop, think, and prioritize,

Vengeance does not resurrect the dead,
Little girl killed by a stray bullet,
Conservative and neoliberal’s wet dream,
Tupac knew all along,
Biggest gang in America: Police,

African-Americans make up 13% of the US Population,
26% of the people killed by police are African-American,
All you’re doing is helping the enemy,
Instead of patrolling streets for rivals,
Patrol streets as a means to protect community members,

From 2000 to 2014,
FBI reported on average 390 justifiable homicides by Police each year,
Do you know what this means,
Raising your arms, ‘I can’t breathe’, and turning the other cheek,
Are not working,

Revolution has always been in the hands of the young,
Our children will inherit what we leave behind,
Instead of bloodshed,
Why not leave a treaty of peace behind?

Afraid to join arms,
Busy murdering each other,
Why not focus your attention,
On the lack of positive black male images,

Pigs and Nazis continue to murder,
Only through revolutionary actions,
Collective willpower of minority gangs,
Protecting neighborhoods,
Will America blink,


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