Why Hollywood, Celebrities, and Hip Hop Are A Joke

Distorting reality for the sake of making money,
Manipulating fragile minds crowning false kings,
Walking the Red Carpet wearing thousand dollar fabric,
Starring in or directing a movie about Burmese genocide,

Does not make you a humanitarian…

Priyanka Chopra riding without smearing make-up,
Gerald Butler never brushes his teeth,
Mila Kunis rises from sleep without messy hair,
‘I love you’ with a kiss before heading off to work,

Reality contradicts…

Searching clearance at Target, Macys, and Herbergers,
Waking up with messy hair and bad breathe,
If you got kids ‘I love you’ and a kiss turn into,
‘Get in the damn car and don’t forget to pick up milk’,

People call it art…

Million dollar mansions in Hip Hop Videos,
Child slavery supplying Gold Chains,
Promoting stretch marks in your songs,
Hiring Instagram hoes as video vixens,

Definition of a hypocrite…


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