Forgotten Queens Excluding Hillary-Earhart

On average, I am asked twice a day,
Why do you bash capitalism,
How come you bow your head five times a day,
In truth, I dream of broken chains,
Asking why should one serve in the kitchen,
While the other carries ‘bread’,

Lines of Garvey, Black Feminism,
Everything besides White Nationalism,
Huey Newton, Fred Hampton,
Fig newtons and spray paint,
Documenting lost queens,

Legends remembered through-out Black History,
As a boy with the Whitest Complexion,
Running away from the White Man’s,
Superiority Complex,
Can’t speak of freedom,
Without discussing pitfalls of capital,
System which draws upon racism for success,
Writing history books according to White lies,

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the first,
What color barrier did she break?
Shirley didn’t get a statue resurrected,
Chisolm was the first black congresswoman (1968),
Ran for president four years later,

Currency re-writes folklore,
Manipulating minorities,
Persuading poets,
Rosa Parks remembered,
Claudette forgotten,
Colvin (1939) arrested,
Resisted bus segregation,

Revolutionaries painted White,
Jesus in every Hollywood movie,
Portrayed as a White European,
Not a dark-skinned Palestinian,

Harriet Tubman scared grown men,
Held a rifle and asked them to leave,
If they weren’t ready to be free,
Nicknamed the Black Moses,
White Plantation Owners,
Who got in her way,
Would be killed,

Literature stolen,
Phillis a former slave,
Boston family,
Read and write,
Wheatley (1753) forgotten,

Only place safe in the air,
Amelia Earhart every man’s dream,
Hilary Swank won the lottery,
Stole history,
Re-wrote it,
Nobody remembers Bessie Coleman (1892),
First black woman to earn a pilot license,
Staged a public flight above confederate flags,

Yaa Asantewaa,
Mother of the Edweso tribe of the Asante,
Led an army of thousands against the British,
For those who questioned,
Why the British are sexist,
Pride snatched away by women,

Fidel Castro and Cuba,
How about Carlota?
Yoruba tribe,
Started an uprising,
Queen Nanny,
Jamaican national hero,
Leader of the Maroons,

Queen Nxinga Mbande,
17th Century Ruler,
Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms,
Fought the Portuguese,

Why do I bash Capitalism?
Why do I pray five times a day?
Why do I dream of broken chains?


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