Remind Them

Without physical attraction,
Experimentation and imagination,
Love without sexual desire,
Defines you as roommates,
Not lovers,

If you love her,
Remind her,
On a daily basis,
Surprise her,

Waiting in the drive-thru,
Sneak your hand in between her legs,
In the movie theater,
Sit in the back till the 2nd act,
Find your way downtown,
Have her moan into the 3rd act,

In the grocery store,
Slowly walk up behind her,
Whisper dirty secrets in her ear,
Squeeze her ass and give it a tap,
Bite her neck,

She wears your t-shirts,
Takes selfies,
Hair matches the horizon,
Eye-shadow on point,
Lips the color of break-up sex,
Autumn Caramel Apple skin,

Remind her,
Looks fade,
Love grows,
Just pray,

Women remind men,
Surprise them,
If they leave,
They’ll regret it,

Enjoy a picnic,
Bring a blanket,
Roll on top of him,
Start grinding,
No one watching,
Ride and watch,
His eyes roll,

Make him run,
After your intellect,
Beat him at his own game,
Pick up an Xbox controller,
Whoop his ass in 2K,

Remind him,
Looks fade,
Love grows,
Just pray,


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