Difference Between a Wife and a Side Chick

Wives model their behavior after Celia Sánchez Manduley,
Wives don’t take booty selfies in order to entice predators,
Wives shape sons trying to raise the next Einstein,
Wives teach daughters the methods of Ida B. Wells,

Opposite of a Kardashian seeking fame through a leaked porno,
Don’t have to play secret phone tag or use a fake Caller ID,
Twitter followers and Instagram likes not important,
Understanding Capital: Volume 1 by Karl Marx more important,

Wives memorize the words of Malcolm X,
Wives [are] progressive if your country is progressive,
Wives pray sitting next to their man in a coma,
Wives ignore zeros if they witness blood, sweat, and tears,

Sitting nightly reading about Kalpana Datta,
Barbie worried about breaking a nail or breaking out,
Side-chicks unable to protect their homeland,
She would never have been able to defend Ethiopia,


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