Treat Everyday Like It Is Your Wedding Night

First name beautiful, last name ‘I’ll always forgive you’,
First time I met you, all I wanted to do was spoil you,

Gender norms state the man pays, but the first two days,
Took care of my needs, both financial and physical,
If you hadn’t taken the chance and flew to Singapore,
This American would be pan handling and thieving,

We were patient, both of us started working,
After two months, Angels delivered and God replied,
We bought a car and matching wedding rings,
Every week receiving a new dress that fits you beautifully,

First name majestic, last name ‘nothing but perfection’,
Last wish before life ends, both of us dying while fucking during retirement,

When we have children, hopefully they understand,
Never be the one that chases, rather seek clarity in charity,
Choice between plastic and make-up or basketball skills and Converse,
Life is more interesting if he is willing to try grasshopper on a stick,

Treat every day like it is your first night together after getting married,
Kiss her from her feet to her thighs while applying body oil,
Whisper in her ear dirty things so her imagination starts working,
Continue riding after he rolls his eyes so he knows you’re in charge,


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