Modern Day Slavery: Journey of a Slave Whose Master [a.k.a] God Is The Runway

If you aren’t grateful, it means you’re wasteful,
Scars tell stories while struggle writes autobiographies,
Walked Kanye’s fashion line while homeless depended on soup kitchens,

Choose to walk down a fashion runway,
Became modern-day slave property,
Used merely for a man’s sexual objectification and desire,
Only to tell yourself it was worth the fame, fortune, and money,

Slowly hiding melanin while executives brainwash minorities,
Behind chemicals, dollar signs, and a false sense of feminism,
Idiots label Dubai as their favorite Islamic destination,

Chance to drink without parental guidance,
Party and sleep with strangers,
Better hide your exploits from family,
Terrible if they find out you’re not a virgin,

Northern tip of Sumatra island,
Aceh (Indonesia) established Sharia law,
Runway slave pretends to be religious,

Stop acting like you came from the bottom,
Too young to remember fleeing or the war,
Never watched an American drone obliterate a village,
You wouldn’t be able to live with the Gully Queens,


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