Money Changes People Just Look At Celebrities

You think you’re a gangster, but your nothing but children,
Can’t imagine Lil Wayne, Drake, or Nicki in Afghanistan,
Waving guns, celebrating drugs, spending thousands,
If we took a walk through Boko Haram territory,
Would you continue pretending you’re a gangster?

Hotline Bling face to face with Al Shabaab,
Anaconda suffering from malnutrition in Liberia,
Man claims to want to have sex with every girl in the world,
If we drop Lil Wayne in the most prevalent HIV/AIDS community,
Would he still try to screw everything that moves?

Just the other day Kylie posted another bathroom selfie,
Wearing thousand dollar jewelry and Snap chatting cleavage,
Not worried about dirty drinking water or malaria,
Bet my honor if she came to Sanaa, Yemen with me,
She wouldn’t be able to survive more than 48 hours,

Celebrities donating thousands to charity,
Kim thought we needed clarity about her lifestyle,
Said she didn’t care about material satisfaction,
How about you and I spend time in Papua New Guiana,
Live in the rain forest like the indigenous,


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