Miss Cleopatra of Egypt

First imperfection I labelled a perfection,
Was the arch of your nose,
Holding up seductive black brimmed glasses,
Behind two lenses lays intellect,

Gazing into constellations,
Jean-Michel Basquiat paints knowledge,
Staring into your eyes removes all doubt,
Fear dissipates,

Embrasse-moi, baise-moi, serre -moi,
Haleine contre haleine, échauffe-moi la vie,
Mille et mille baisers donne-moi je te prie,

No matter how many mispronounced words,
Vibration caused by the tip of your tongue,
Touching the inside of your teeth,
Performs Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony,

Cheekbones resting perfectly,
Sitting under an apple tree,
Flipping pages with my left,
My right under your control,

Resting on the hood of our car,
Watching the wind play tag with ocean waves,
Distant sun racing to return home,
Before the moon catches it out after dark,

Quand, les deux yeux fermés, en un soir chaud d’automne,
Je respire l’odeur de ton sein chaleureux,

Eyes close simultaneously,
Lay upon a blanket,
Fragrances mixing in the backseat,
Teasing butterflies from your chest,

Long black hair hangs low,
Minds re-writing Shakespeare’s sonnet,
Eyes piercing into each other’s imagination,
Being the one in charge failed,

Feminine hands slide down my neck unto my chest,
Nails scratching softly and gently digging,
Bite marks visible to pedestrians,
Asking myself am I in paradise,

Aimer, ce n’est pas se regarder l’un l’autre,
C’est regarder ensemble dans la même direction,


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