Bibi as my Baby wrecking Havoc (angel with a dark side)

Pray for an angel while others chase money,
Poe watched a raven sit upon his dresser,
Kept envisioning Bibi as my Baby,

She cures unexpected morning wood,
Black nylons with straps,
Silk underwear and a long sleeve,

Gold blends into her skin,
Able to taste sex in her complexion,
Clench my thirst when I kiss her neck,

Feel the smoothness of her stomach,
Each delicate kiss a flick of her wrist guiding me to my knees,
Legs wraps around my neck and I make love to the rest,

Toss her panties on a nearby chair,
Wetness of her lips Black Liquorice,
Eat her from behind in the shower,

Ability to taste death,
Her legs wrap around my waist,
Changing of gears and increasing momentum,

Holding her in my arms,
Head hits the pillow,
Ties my hands to the bed frame requesting reverse cowgirl,

Wishing love with Bibi never ends,
She’s an angel when people observe,
Park ocean-side she wrecks havoc,


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