Dear Syn (letter to sex workers)

Ridiculed, persecuted, and criminalized,
Afraid to trust for good measure,
Pigs pretending to be potential clients,
Officers pursue sex before making an arrest,

Yet, if survival had a voice,
She would speak clearly,

Free healthcare and education,
Decriminalizing sex work would be a good start,

If we are being honest,
Everyone is a sex worker,
Definition of Quid Pro Quo,

Favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something

Sex and babies,
Life insurance,
Massage parlors,
Muscle spasms,
Two strangers,
Buying drinks,
Waking up,
After sex,
Spouse visa,
Deja Vu,

Instead of equal rights,
Federal and state laws persecute minorities,
Individuals with no way out,
Law enforcement motioning sex workers towards a jail cell,
Using drug arrests and 3rd strike offenses,
As leverage to turn working girls into snitches,

It hurts internally,
When you undress for men who don’t love you,
Yet, I respect you,
Not able to understand,
What place you go in order to get through it,

Satisfying requests,
Long black hair,
Down to your waist,
Specific lingerie,
Role-play and fantasies,
Tight waist and high heels,

This shit isn’t easy,
Some may like this type of work,
Others would like a way out,
Try explaining to a potential employer,
Why you got a 4 year employment gap,

Criminalizing something we all do,
Exchanging favors for favors,
Persecuting and labeling sisters as criminals,

All I want to hear is that you are happy,
Seek pleasure without monetary gain,
Able to answer whether you gave him a taste,
In the shower without favors exchanged,


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