What Is Wrong With The Kardashians

Courtney Kardashian posts ‘this is how we do it in Puerto Rico’,
While treating Puerto Ricans as slaves,
Unaware America conquered Puerto Rico’s Indigenous,
Claiming it as a U.S territory,

Her sister Kim posts a bikini selfie celebrating cellulite,
While not doing a damn thing,
To increase the black woman’s 70 cents to a white woman’s 77 cents,

Instead, the whole family returns to Hollywood,
Living lavishly,
Promoting an Armenian movie,
Not knowing their people’s history,
Only caring about money,
How many zeros follow 1, 2, and 3,

They spend thousands of dollars in other countries,
While poverty increases around them,
Only caring about how many fans they attract,

Why don’t they ask Akon about his dream,
At least he is trying to give every single African family,
Working electricity,

This is wishful thinking,
Majority of celebrities including the Kardashians,
Only care about TV ratings and successful plastic surgeries,

Being able to catch as many tax breaks as possible,
Holding onto 1 percent of their humanity,


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