Pranks and Jokes of the Companions and Prophet Muhammad

Dear Wahhabis
Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, and Boko Haram,
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,
Conservative Christians,

Being able to laugh,
Is a form of praying to God,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Companions,
Were the best comedians,

Auf Ibn Malik Ashjai (ra) said,
At the time of the Battle of Tabuk he went to see the Prophet,
The Prophet was sitting in a small round shaped tent of leather,
Auf saluted the Prophet and he returned the salutation,
He further asked him to come into the tent,
At this Auf said,

‘Should I come in, the whole of me?’
The Prophet pbuh said,
‘Yes, come in the whole of you.’
Then he entered the tent.

[Abu Daud, al Bidayah Vol VI p46]

The tent was small,
Fitting one or two people,
Auf would have had to have half of his body in the tent,
The other half out of the tent,

How about another example,
Zahir (ra) was from the Bedouin tribes,
He was an intimate Companion of Prophet Muhammad,
He often traveled to Madinah for business,
Once, he was selling some of his merchandise in the open market of Madinah,

Rasulullah passed by,
He saw that Zahir (ra) was busy with customers,
Zahir (ra) had no time to pay any attention to what was happening around him,
Rasulullah quietly approached him from behind,
Held him tightly and lifted him up,

“Who is it?” Zahir (ra) asked,
He tried to turn around to see who the person was,
He heard Rasulullah say,

“Here is a slave for sale!
Here is a slave for sale!
Who wants him?”
Zahir (ra) laughed and replied,
“Ya Rasulullah!
Whoever buys a slave like me will be a loser.”

“No, no, that is not true,”
Rasulullah replied affectionately.
“This slave has great value in the eyes of Allah.”

It saddens me when brothers and sisters are afraid to joke,
Afraid to have fun, smile, or laugh,
Telling others to be serious,
This type of action pushes converts away from Islam,
Causing them to leaving Islam,

One story that made me smile when I read it,
Was that of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and an old woman,
On occasion the Prophet joked with an old woman,
Who asked him to pray for her to be admitted into heaven,

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
‘No old woman will ever enter heaven.’
The woman turned away crying.
The Prophet said to those nearby:
‘Tell her that no woman goes into heaven as an old woman.’

He then read the Qur’anic verses:
‘We shall have brought them into being in a life renewed,
Having resurrected them as virgins.’

(56: 35-36)
[Reported by al-Tirmidhi]

Nuayman was known to be a prankster,
He loved the Prophet dearly,
Whenever a fine item came to Medina,
He would buy it and then give it to the Prophet as a present,
One day he saw that some fine quality honey had arrived,

He brought it to the Prophet,
However he had not paid the salesman,
He brought the salesman to the Prophet,
Told him to take the money from the Prophet,

The Prophet asked:
“I thought you brought the honey as a present?”
Nuayman replied: “O Messenger of Allah!
I wanted you to taste this fine honey so much,
But since I didn’t have any money,
I did it this way.”
The Prophet laughed and paid the salesman.

(I. Abdilberr , el-Istiab, IV, 473)

Imagine what would happen today,
If a brother or sister did the same to a dear friend,
Most likely the dear friend would become unappreciative,

Once Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was playing with his grandsons Hassan and Hussein,
The kids were sitting on his shoulders,
When Umar saw this, he told the children:
“How precious is your horse!”
The Prophet replied:
“They are fine riders as well.”

(Heysemi, ibid, IX, 181-182)

Picture this in your mind,
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),
Allah’s appointed Prophet,
Most powerful man on earth,

Pretending to be a horse,
So that young children smile,
If this occurred in a mosque,
Adults, the imam, or strangers,
Would tell you to stop,

Islam was meant to be a religion of joy,
Happiness, and love,
How can we accomplish this if brothers and sisters,
Are acting as if they are in the military,


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