Taking Our Time

Extend the stars and request a patient sun,
Bite your bottom lip due to tender kisses,
Making way north to your hips which articulate to your thighs,
Every second proceeds another inch of canvas,

Rose covered walkways whisper 50 Shades of Grey,
Would rather park under the stars while it rains,
Put on Pretty Ricky and trace your skin,
Stare into your eyes and untie the back of your dress,

Every step meant to bring us closer until you tell me stop,
Would rather do all the work while you stare into my eyes,
Start counter clockwise then work my clockwise,
Spend 30 minutes on each side of your heart,

As it rains and pours don’t worry about noise,
Run your hands through my hair while I make my way downstairs,
Satin touches the tip of my tongue,
Find out if God made you multi-orgasmic,

Wait a couple minutes,
Whisper again,
When the next song plays,
We start again,


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