Garden of Eden Filled With Instagram Thots

When we kiss it feels as if it is the first time,
Half the time we forget the time so we count how many times,

Whenever a born again Christian asks me about the Crucifiction,
I explain the only juice caused by friction I believe in,
Is when my baby smiles, whispers ‘again’, and runs her hands though my hair,

Judas Iscariot thinks SHE can cause temptation,
No matter how many inches or the color of that lip stick,
All I see is death wearing an ugly two piece,

Made more sense to walk alongside royalty,
Baby compiled every fallacy on fake tan lines and beauty,
Educated herself and received gratuity from maturity,
Ignored plastic cosmetics in exchange for earthly modesty,

[Enough] sunshine, product, and skin produces Instagram fame,
Asking if my baby and I married after 3 nights and 3 days,

Forgetting time doesn’t stop nor does age forget,
My lady has a couple years on me but looks 18,
No place is forbidden so I go down on her EDEN,


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