Science Fiction of the Earth

We all have dreams but sometimes streets bleed,
Our mind tries to fight in the streets,
Even though we are not Street Fighters,

Life isn’t a videogame,
If you get shot, it only takes one to the chest,
Tupac was a glitch, a statistical error,
Game of Thrones can’t help you,
Black Magic and Witches can’t resurrect you,

Crying isn’t just a human biology factor,
Haven’t you watched the night sky as lightening strikes,
Caught in the middle of Mother’s Wrath and Earth’s tears,

Nice guys and geeks speak wearing glasses,
Bad Boys afraid to drop soap while showering,
Some women continuously make the same mistake,
Counting tattoos and horsepower instead of loving intellect,

White woman disobeys father,
Sneaking out at night to meet Jerome,
Finds out not every brother measures up or plays a sport,


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