Property of 1st World Ideology and 3rd World Philosophy

Off-spring of 3rd World Philosophies,
Mother and Father prayed to 1st world Ideologies,
Refuse to assimilate so I appreciate Her Properties,

Seeking eternal happiness in a homeless musician,
Read her hands which held a sign,

I am too ugly to be a stripper!!

Reminded to count blessings,
Broke chains keeping the sun from reflecting,
When you hear drums singing to The Great Spirit,
Start dancing upon Mother Earth,
Holding humanity’s hand,
Sit and listen while Peace strings a guitar,

Created in Her image,
Meant to walk earth teaching children in Her image,
Remind Her descendants it is OK to question,

Genetically gifted called freaks while cheeks freeze,
Crackers and Hollywood Brats steal from Mother Earth,
Neglecting the Great Spirit only focusing on pleasure,
Intention behind donations to win over critics,
Trying to buy their way into heaven,


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