Pass The Spliff, It’s Matriarchy

Presidents to the wayside I got a Queen by my side,
No matter how low J.Lo goes, I’m busy letting go,
I called Flow asking if she wants to blow smoke,
One hit of Bob Marley had me full of hope,

Hate to get political but I’m rhetorical,
Merely theatrical while Trump’s win wasn’t a miracle,
Instead call him fanatical, a wannabe’ geriatric,

Barack deported 2 Million Mexicans,
Bill waged war in South America,
Past presidents failed at assassinating Castro,
Sadly they succeeded in killing MLK and Company,

While the majority are busy getting faded,
I prefer to roll paper and learn from intuition,
Combine my education and ambition with that of vision,

In 2017, I feel like Puff Daddy from 03′,
Only this time instead of White girls and bleached skin,
We gotta’ celebrate melanin like were OG’s,

Black History Month is 365 days long,
525,600 minutes of gospel songs,
31,536,000 seconds of natural perfection,
Dark skinned aborigines don’t need fake tan lines,

You would think otherwise if one watched the Oscars,
Only time Black Queens get represented if they commit infidelity,
Guess the world forgot about matriarchy,

Should I remind you of Amina the Zarian,
Nicki claims she runs an empire but Makeda ran East Africa,
No need to wear a push-up when Nefertiti had men bowing,
Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana puts to shame bleaching sisters,


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