Brother Haji Yussuf: For the People, By the People

I had the great honor of interviewing Brother Haji (of UniteCloud) today. Due to my own arrogance and ego, I judged Haji without calling him and asking if what I heard about him from backbiting individuals was true or not. During my campaign for Minnesota Senate this past year, I let my feelings and emotions get in the way of friendship, but more importantly, brotherhood.

Brother Haji is a family man, a father whose strength and resilience can be witnessed from miles away. This man, whose lineage can be traced back to warriors, poets, and story-tellers, is a man of integrity. I blame myself for believing in rumors and I am not afraid to admit I was wrong. He has never committed an action which would otherwise hurt or impact St. Cloud negatively. I learned a lot from our interview today such as his reasons for living a life of selflessness and gratitude towards God along with living a life of humility and compassion.

UniteCloud may not be on the same level as the Black Panther Party For Self Defense or even Malcolm X’s ‘Muslim Mosque, Inc’. What I do know is UniteCloud has become a stepping stone for individuals who wish to voice their opinions and/or concerns. Similarly, UniteCloud may not hold the same beliefs or fundamental pillars of Black Lives Matter but they are trying to improve and develop a better method of bridging the gap between Whites (individuals who are immigrants themselves) with that of minorities.

Within the next couple weeks, I will be putting together data which shows whether Muslim students feel safe while interacting with others on the Saint Cloud State University Campus. Interviews conducted will be with the Saint Cloud State University administrators, Public Safety, UniteCloud, Black Lives Matter, and Muslim students who attend Saint Cloud State University. My interview with Brother Haji not only made me critically analyze my relationship with him (in which he is my brother), but also the Saint Cloud community.

UniteCloud is trying to establish programs which will help Saint Cloud residents with troubles they may have which are pertinent to Stearns County. As the on-coming weeks approach, my aim is to critically analyze the work Brother Haji has accomplished as well as the improvements that can be made in regards to UniteCloud. In summary, Brother Haji is someone I would take a bullet for. Due to my own arrogance and ego, I was blinded. He is someone this community needs and someone this community needs to stand behind.


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