Pigmentation [of the] Heart

Right now, a Child with Black skin is asking ‘why can’t I make a basket’,
Right now, a Child as white as snow has been told ‘white people can’t dance’,
Right now, a Child bowing towards Mecca is asking, ‘why am I not making a bomb’,
Right now, a Woman is being told her shape is more important than her mind,
Right now, a Man has told his children don’t follow black shadows,

But, I have to ask,
When has pigmentation ever entered our hearts,
And changed the color of our soul,
Weren’t we all born from the same shade of love,

Didn’t God, or Allah,
HaShem, how about the Quakers and The Light,
King of Kings, or Lord of Lords,
Ancient of Days, and Abba,
Elohim, El-Shaddai, and Yahweh,
Jehovah or Adonai,

Make us out of His own image,
He was colorblind Himself,
Yet asked us to accept, respect, and dance together,

Whether it was 1, or 3 in 1,
Disagreement about who the 1 on the cross was,
We all can agree that to confine His light to only one faith,
To one step, belonging to one Church or one Mosque,
Is to confine His presence to what we can imagine,
Rather, His presence is not confined to one race or skin complexion,

In this world, skin limits our worth,
But in His image, our worth was not limited,
Whenever we speak about His limits,
We must state the difference in skin complexions,
Was supposed to show He cannot be limited,

Whether you are kneeling or standing,
Have your hands singing hymns or making Dua,
He has answered, frowning at division while smiling at diversity,
Count how many birds fly in the sky,
Enough of rating books and comparing passages,
Let us come together as 1,


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