Diss Rhymes: Oh’ America

To be honest, I didn’t wish for it to come to this,
But you left me no choice,
Oh’ (cough) America,

You lying arse, hypocritical arse,
White Slave Master’s arse, White people’s constitution arse,
3/5th human compromise arse, modern Jim Crow arse,
My president is orange arse, the White house was painted by Black people arse,
Streets are paved with gold arse, asylum seekers ‘pick’ America because it is the best country in the world arse,
Pollute clean water arse, serve Flint citizens poison arse,
Privatize prison arse, shoot before cuffing black people arse,
Don’t judge a book by its cover arse, give us enough to make up a story arse,
Treat people differently because they don’t look like us arse, specifically Mexicans, Africans, and Arabs arse,
Fox News arse, bet you won’t thrown down in the streets arse,

Wealthy elite arse, blame low income people arse,
Debate whether UFO’s are real arse, force me to take German for four years arse,
Everything is made in China arse, men to are too masculine for paternity leave arse,
War on Drugs arse, the opposite of success arse,
High as fuck divorce rate arse, boys will be boys and rape women arse,
White women trying to copy black women arse, Kanye went crazy arse,
Swine and bird flu arse, hollywood is too white arse,
Uncle Sam arse, the U.S government assassinated Dr. King arse,
Praising democrat arse, as if old white ladies were standing in front of water cannons arse,
Civil War was about releasing slaves arse, as if economics escaped Lincoln’s mind arse,

To be honest,
I’m just mad as fuck,


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