Black Joy Never Dies

Despite hundreds of years of hatred,
And modern day Jim Crow,
The KKK call it a miracle,
That blackness hasn’t faded,
And brown faces still smile,

After hundreds of racist cops try to murder blackness,
Young black girls still jump-rope,
Black mothers transcend Godliness,
And perform miracles with loaves of bread,

No matter how many times Timar Rice is buried,
This world still has that bewildered look on its face,
Watching old black men smoke menthols and fix shit,
Hands performing carpentry with nickels and dimes,

This poem is not meant to be sad nor depressing,
Rather to express black joy,
Survival through gospel hymns,
As white supremacy fails to erase blackness,
For each backyard grill-out we pour out Hennessy,


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