If I Wasn’t White

If I was gay I would be called a faggot,
If I was transgender I would be buried next to Mesha Caldwell,

If I was Black I would be labelled a criminal,
If I was darker in complexion I would be portrayed as a Super Predator,

If I was Arab I would be compared to that of Jihadi John,
If I was Middle Eastern I would be forced to apologize on behalf of ISIS,

If I was Latino/a I would be labelled a rapist,
If I spoke Spanish I would immediately be asked if I was Mexican,

If I was Asian I would be a mathematician,
If I was from the far East I would be a manicurists,

If I was a Muslim woman I would be an oppressed minority,
If I spoke Arabic on a plane Delta would escort me off the plane,

When you are White, the English dictionary picks a side,
White is the definition of greatness, of purity,
Angels are predominately White in romantic comedies,
Whiteness rubs off on Judges and Juries,

This world is not color-blind, nor are the inhabitants,
Everything from our language to our clothes,
Bleeds racism, inherited sexism,
Admit it,


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