Running Away From Thots

She’s the only one I wanna’ run away with,
Bonnie and Clyde,
Would of grabbed your hand and ran,
Islamic law in Indonesia would of sentenced me to death,

No one can replace you,
Indonesian women jealous,
Angry with my Bae because she married an American,
They wanted a VISA but she longed for love,

No point in arguing,
We got models and advertised pretty things walking around,
Overheard my woman being told ‘she got lucky’,
As if she was a ‘4’ and won the lottery,

Before exchanging vows,
We promised to be each other’s bulletproof vest,
Contemplated suicide,
Was about to kick the chair,
Found a gold dinar hiding within a box full of counterfeits,

Hate when my backbone compares itself to spineless souls,
Plastic surgery and intellectual deficiency isn’t my delicacy,
All I wanna’ do is scream [your my queen] in a room full of [thots],

When your insecurities come out in conversation,
My mind fails and I start fantasizing about [your] thick thighs,
Just as I did on our wedding day,
Counting down the minutes until they rest upon my shoulders,

Patience is one thing I will never run out of,
You’re the only one I dated and tasted,
Fell in love with and wanted to run away with,


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