When ‘I’ Became ‘Me’

This year, was the year, ‘I’ became ‘Me’,
Days trying it fit in,
Nine thousand three hundred and seventy-seven,
Praying to Jesus my childhood upbringing would turn me black,
Turning my back against all that is fact,
No matter how many times I visited Africa,
My skin would never darken,

Tried so hard to find myself,
Visited foreign countries one after another,
Multiple paths carved while failing to realize,
I am a child of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’,
Mangled my intellect memorizing from language books,
Arabic to Indonesian, Somali to Polynesian,
Purposely ignoring my own reflection,

Sitting in a room full of diversity,
Not belonging in a room full of adversary,
Believed reading historical books made me a fortune-teller,
Poet of historical roots held in contempt,
Believed by holding a 9 M.M and dealing nickels,
It gave me the right to talk about slavery as if I understood it,
Instead, all that happened I became lost in translation,

How does one find him or herself when they are locked within their own prison?
Searching for one’s own self in a field full of slave masters and tattered flags,
Peering inside of windows (souls) belonging to Malaysians,
Veins circulating adrenaline after canisters dropped from the sky,
To find myself, in a warehouse full of masks,

Instead of being a wildflower lost or run over,
Decided to become a strange traveler mistaken as homeless,
My shoelaces hidden underneath the the soles of my feet,
While the middle fabric waves in the air as waves shower beaches,
Trained my soul to become poetic even in times of silence,
As a passer-by enters, my intellect slays words,
Not afraid to bless the dead even if they are not angels,

When I was child, my origins created childhood fantasies,
As the years passed, I learned to walk the opposite of an apology,
Loved my mother even though she was not motherly,
Swore to my father I would meet him after death to kill him twice,
Sat in chairs listening to words meant as child’s play,


If words are spoken such as God himself paused while sculpting,
Witnessed your soul and the torso kissing your ribs,
A heart so strong the face of hatred told the KKK to weep,
Zeus became paranoid that his own wife was a mistake,
Your hips motioned the stars to revolve around the tip of words spoken,

These are all true statements…
Even if they are from a child belonging to ‘Where The Wild Things Are’…


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