Die A Cancer [Or] A Prick

What if two people pretending to be a couple,
Were not pricks?
If they had been mystical instead of tactical,
Probably would of had twins,
Both committing and giving into temptation,
The man, his eyes, and the head of his prick following crumb trails,
While the woman’s mind fantasizes about Michael the Starbuck’s cashier,

Afraid to be honest,
She doesn’t want to tell you that you have trouble finding her clit,
Pretending that you are doing shit during penetration,
Every time you make your way downtown,
Using teeth and causing pain,
World class disaster on an airplane causing one too many nosedives,

This life is a battle ground state full of animals and instincts,
Boys refuse to become men,
Believe being broke is acceptable,
Generations of father figures walked 20 miles on foot,
Only to replicate the bible’s most prolific carpenter,

Hollywood promoting ‘pussy’,
Toying with men who disrespect daughters and women embarrassing mothers,
Washington told Jefferson, who reminded Lincoln,
‘Pussy’ accepting Hamilton, wishing Jackson wasn’t dead,
Rarely touching Grant, dreaming of Franklin,
‘Pussy’ toying with men as lionesses prey on the hungry,

Most important question after boning projects raw,
Are you happy to be alive,
Following rainbows even though you ain’t even 1 percent Irish,
Overdosing on empty homes full of fake love,
Hustled so hard you lost what it meant to die a cancer,


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