Love Your Bae

It is the best feeling in the world when you feel like kids,

Netflix and chill is alright but lets play ding dong ditch,
Draw squares on the side walk and have a hop-scotch competition,
Enjoy winter and see who can build the best snowman,
Spend time at the firing range to see who has the best accuracy,
Standing on roof-tops dropping water balloons on pedestrians,
Playing with smoke bombs on the 4th of July,
Sit in a dressing room while you try on lingerie,
Playing with our food at a 5 star establishments,
Starting a pillow fight in the Hilton,
Count to 10 and play hide and seek,

Deep down inside all we want is time to forget about us,

Watch a black and white film with no dialogue,
Make up our own lines and become actors,
Buy a second ticket and sit in the back row,
Busy bumping and grinding until the end credits,
Visit a 24 hour cafe until we see a sunrise,
Take a road-trip and forget a road-map,
Pretend to be Mannequins in JCPenny,
Dress up on Halloween and act out our fantasies,

We don’t need to be the next Bonnie & Clyde,

Nor do we need to make a sex-tape,
Visit San Diego and keep a grin on one another,
Keep your tan lines and make sure to rent a convertible,
While ocean waves arrive inbound,
Double check the backseat windows are rolled down,
Visit an Ice Cream shop and taste every flavor,
Attend Sea World and say it is our birthday,
Wear King and Queen crowns and speak British English,
Don’t forget to kiss up each other’s spine,
Remind one another that seasons change,

Our age is just a figure,


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