We Are Not Posters

We do not look like Vogue, Maxim, or Playboy pictures,
With an arched back and unrealistic sexual positions,
Impossible to wake up looking like stars at the Grammys,
We need realistic heroes not reality Kardashians,

Teaching young girls fashion tips instead of loving themselves,
Entering beauty pageants instead of running around baseball diamonds,
Receiving Barbie on birthdays while practicing karate,
Spending time at the firing-range labeled too masculine,

Seventeen and Cosmopolitan teaching 50 sex tips,
Dream of young girls opening up Medical clinics,
Impact the medical field help decrease under-age pregnancy,
Win the Nobel Peace Prize proving posters ain’t beautiful,

Girls in the poster don’t look like the poster,
Beautiful titles including M.D, P.H.D, or Judge next to your name,
Forgetting that one day we will become like our parents,
Working two jobs and trying to teach children manners,

Writing in our planners and opening a college savings,
Replacing leggings and skirts with dresses and bifocals,


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